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At North Geelong Glass, we can install a pet door for you in a window or a doorway, so your pets can come and go as you want them too,. No more getting up to let your pets in or out at all hours of the day, please call for a free Quote

We Install all types of pet doors from a cat door to a large dog door, we can even install a pet door in a double glazed unit.


Our cat doors we use are transact pet doors they are clear Perspex so they look modern, the opening size of the flap is 170mm x 180mm wide, these cat doors have the option of adding an electric sensor to the opening and the cats collar so only your cat has access to entering your home.


We use 2 types of dog doors, 1 is the transact pet doors they are clear Perspex designed for a smaller type dog, the flap is 255mm x 285mm wide so they look modern.
We also have the Custom Built Heavy Duty dog door for the more robust and larger dog available. The opening size of the flaps are 400mm x 300mm wide, and the extra-large one 470mm x 360mm wide these dog doors are the strongest I have seen and still look stylish being clear, and the ability of the lock to let them come and go still available the hinge is stainless steel, all other pet doors have a plastic hinge.
If you’re not sure what sixe pet door your after please feel free to come into our store and test which size door you require